We wonder how “animal shelter” can be anything but an oxymoron. Generally an animal shelter is thought to be that place where animals (usually dog and cats) are taken, either by their owners who, for whatever reason, can no longer take care of them, or are picked up by “animal control officers” to free their city or village of a “stray” problem. Most often, there are insufficient pet lovers to adopt all the animals that are either surrendered, or picked up, and when their numbers become overwhelming a difficult decision has to be made to euthanize those that are not adopted. “Shelter” then becomes nothing more than a holding point for a large number of animals who will be euthanized if not adopted out soon, most often in only 2-3 days. A place where animals are “im”-pounded (the old fashioned “dog pound”) prior to being euthanized cannot be softened, merely by calling it an animal “shelter,” for that’s not really what they are.


What they really are is a place where animals are given one last chance, however small (2-3 days), to be adopted, and to live. “Shelter” just doesn’t fit!”


Be that as it may be, animal shelters exist, and they are where animals are taken and given one last chance. It’s sad.


The hyperlink below is a story from the Memphis Flyer written nearly two years ago linked here to describe just how sad one shelter operation can be. It should be assumed that this shelter’s operation might have improved somewhat after this article was written.




We’ve placed the above hyperlink here as one example of how shelters can help in such a small way to save only a few animals from perishing. There are hundreds of organizations whose sole mission is to save as many animals as possible from the darkness of euthanasia. Ours is but one such organization.


Sadly, we, like so many other organizations, cannot save ‘em all. We do what we can do.


Click on the link to UCANHELP to see how you can help.