Way too many dogs, cats, and other pets, are being surrendered to local “animal shelters” by their owners, for a multitude of reasons, or are being picked up by animal control as strays and taken to “shelters.” Only a tiny fraction of these animals are put up for adoption and even these are on borrowed time as many will be “put down” if not quickly adopted. The truth is that the vast majority are euthanized – put to death – as in, “KILLED!” on almost a daily basis. Expediency, lack of personnel, lack of funds, lack of space, are just some of the reasons “shelters” cite for what is ultimately costing these animals their lives.


[“animal shelter” is an abomination of oxymorons. We detest the term! What kind of agency can even pretend to “shelter,” when much of their main purpose is merely to rid our world of dogs and cats that might otherwise have made great companions?]


To find out how bad this situation has gotten, check your Yellow Pages, call your local “animal shelter” and ask whomever answers, “How many dogs, (cats) do you euthanize on an average day?And, “How many dogs (cats) do you expect to euthanize today?”


If you care for animals, YOU CAN help in one way or another to save at least one loving dog’s life. A higher percentage of dogs, in particular, are put down in “kill” shelters.


The very best thing you CAN DO immediately, is to take yourself straight to your local animal shelter and “PICK ONE,” any one; and save his/her life, right on the spot. Do whatever is necessary and take one of those loving souls home with you, to have and make a friend for life.


IF you cannot, for whatever reason, save a dog from the euthanasia hell found in so many “shelters,” you can still help some to be saved, by helping those who can, and do. There are many worthy, conscientious, individuals and organizations that extend themselves to the limit in trying to save as many dogs from the finality of “shelters,” as they can. ANIMAL SANCTUARY, Inc. (ASI) is one of these organizations.


Presently ASI has twelve dogs in its “sanctuary” (place of refuge and protection). From time to time, some will be adopted out to “forever homes,” some will remain (those considered un-adoptable due to age and/or medical problems requiring continuing and expensive veterinary care), and others will come. Love given at ASI is free to all who come; but the costs of care continue unabated.


All costs at ASI are direct operating costs. ASI has no administrative costs. There are no salaries. There is no fancy transport vehicle (a 1975 Suburban does the job quite well). Food and nutrition are “top shelf,” including many homemade meals and added supplements. Everything we do is aimed at “saving” the most $$$$, and operating efficiently, while providing the very best care possible.


Despite our efforts, our costs are staggering. Until recently, when the IRS determined that ASI was tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code under section 501 (a), as a 501(c)(3) organization, we have borne the expense of operating ASI all by ourselves. Now we need help to continue.


OR, you can also help by sending your tax deductible donation to:



1260 Central Avenue

Memphis, TN 38104


[Please provide your e-mail address, so that a receipt may be e-mailed to you for your tax deductible donation.]


…..knowing that whatever you may be able to donate will help in providing food, shelter, and medical/veterinary care, or a new toy now and then, just for fun.


Please know that whatever you might be able to donate will be most graciously appreciated; and thank you.